About the blog: The concept of this blog is to explore the world with a similar philosophic fervor that was present in Plato’s Academy in ancient Greece. As such, the posts will be very philosophy centric and will range from a variety of topics, including (but not limited to): creativity, inspiration, love, life, economics, and current events.


Author Edward Mullen

About the author: Edward Mullen is an author, blogger, and podcaster from Vancouver, Canada. His debut novel, THE ART OF THE HUSTLE was published in July 2012 and is available on Amazon and major eBook stores. Since the release of that novel, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. With a growing fan base thirsty for more, he released a second book DESTINY AND FREE WILL – a non-fiction book exploring the belief that everything happens for a reason. In November 2013, his highly-anticipated second novel was published. PRODIGY is a techno-thriller set in the future, which focuses on the perils of technology.Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Edward developed a love for the wilderness. This love, combined with an innate curiosity about all things, eventually spawned a healthy imagination for storytelling. He continued to follow his natural passion all the way through to university. Despite spending a lot of his time indoors writing, Edward continues to enjoy the outdoors. He is an avid tennis player, mountain biker, snowboarder, runner, and traveller.


Edward Mullen

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