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Friday Flash Fiction Visitors Edward Mullen

It wasn’t the first time Bobby had been visited. The first time was the summer going into the fifth grade. It was always at night, usually when he was asleep. Then it started happening more frequently, although he could never prove it. There were no marks on his body, no missing organs, no implants, well, not that he knew of. All he had were faded memories and a paralyzing fear.

He never knew when they would come for him, or what they did with him once they took him. Nobody would believe him either. Being the child of a single mother who was never around, councilors and psychologists dismissed it as a classic case of a kid fabricating a story to compensate for his lack of parental attention.

Whenever he was taken, he would always awake in his bed, unable to move for twenty minutes. This wasn’t a form of sleep paralysis, this was the lingering effects of whatever serum they had injected into him.

A year ago was the worst, Bobby didn’t wake up in his bed like the other times ⁠— now six in total. He found himself in a field by his house ⁠— barefoot and still in his pajamas. Sauntering back to his house, he was surprised to see his mother there with two police officers. Apparently, he had been missing for over twenty-four hours, yet he had no recollection during that time. Again, councilors were quick to diagnose him with sleepwalking disorder, saying it was quite common in children of his again. They proscribed him some medication, but he immediately flushed the pills down the toilet.

Determined to prove everyone wrong, he set up a hidden video camera in his closet for an entire year. One of the last things he would do before hopping into bed was press record.

One late summer eve, while his mother was out working at the restaurant, Bobby was home alone. He had been watching TV and dosed off. Then, a bright light penetrated the house followed by a high-pitch noise, which nearly shattered his ear drums. Now wide awake, Bobby sat up like a man possessed. He raced over to the nearest window and saw a craft hovering over his rural house. Then, there was a beam of light. Before he knew what to do, two creepy figures descended on his property.

Upon seeing their eyes, Bobby suddenly jumped bumping into a TV that was casually propped up on an old writing desk. The TV fell to the floor screen first and smashed on the ground with a loud crash. Bobby was nervous and immediately looked for somewhere to hide.

As he was exiting the room, he suddenly froze in his tracks. He was experiencing a sort of wakeful paralysis, not brought on by any condition, but by an outside force. He tried to squirm and break free, but it was no use. He stood still in terror, stiff as a board, and couldn’t even scream. They only thing he could do was blink and grunt.

The beings were now at the window in his bedroom, looking for a way in. The TV lifted off the floor and was put back in its place. Their long slender fingers tapped on the glass; their ugly face peering through. He then looked over at his closet and saw the red glowing light from his camera.

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  1. IsisV33 says:

    Do you create you art? It is beautiful.


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