Friday Flash Fiction | The Rothschild Manor

Friday Flash Fiction by Edward Mullen The Rothschild Manor

Sydney and Clay had heard the rumours online and flew 3,000 miles to find out if The Rothschild Manor was truly haunted by the spirits of dead children. Many different people in the forum claim this to be the most haunted place in Europe – a former boarding house. Some claim that no one has lasted more than an hour before desperately wanting to leave.

Self-proclaimed ghost hunters, Sydney and Clay knew they had to check it out, so it immediately shot up to the top of their list of places to visit. The young couple made a living traveling around the world in search of the most haunted places, vlogging their experience, and putting it up on their YouTube channel. They would document every step of their journey with a handheld camera, special ghost-detecting equipment, and a skeptical eye. In most cases, the spookiness was nothing more than a manifestation of fear people create in their minds. Strip away that fear, and the eerie feelings tend to dissolve pretty quickly.

Prior to the trip, they had done as much research on The Rothschild Manor as possible. They flew to England, rented a car, and drove two hours South of London to a tiny town over a thousand years old. As people on the forum had instructed, they needed to contact the groundskeeper – Mr. Bernard Hubert – to make a special arrangement and to be granted access.

Sure enough, Bernard met them late at night on the compound, holding only a small flickering candle. He seemed eager to have guests and took pleasure in watching people freak out. As for him, he was never bothered by the spirits. He lived off the property and would come every few days to check in and make sure there was no vandalism or trespassers.

Taking a deep breath to calm their anxious nerves, they turned the cameras on. This was it, the moment of truth, they were about to enter the property. Before taking their first step, Bernard turned around, his sinister grin and devilish eyes illuminated by the muted glow of candlelight, and said, “This is your last chance. Are you sure you’re ready?”

Sydney and Clay both looked at each other and nodded.

“Very well. Follow me.”

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