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Welcome to another episode of Movie Pitch Monday, this is a show where I pitch hypothetical movies. For those who don’t know who I am, I’m Edward Mullen, I’m an author — most notably The Art of the Hustle and the Prodigy series, but I’ve written a bunch of other ones as well. I’m also the host this show.

In today’s pitch, I’m going to be pitching an episode of the X Files, a show I love and grew up watching. When I was younger, a lot of the stuff kind of went over my head and I wasn’t really paying attention and I didn’t really understand the show as much as I thought I did. Now going back and rewatching some of the episodes, I really appreciate the show so much more. The beauty of the show and the brilliant writing is something to marvel. Some fantastic episodes are the Season 2 finale (episode 25) and then Season 3 episodes 1 and 2. That mini story arc is fantastic, it’s classic X Files episodes, which are filmed in my hometown, I mean it’s my hometown now, which is Vancouver, but I didn’t grow up in Vancouver so I didn’t make the connection. Now when I watch it, I see Vancouver in every shot, which is really cool.

So few days ago, I came across this news story about this little village called Lake Anjikuni. The story described an event that happened sometime in the past and is about this little village mysteriously vanishing. It was discovered by this fur trapper named Joe Labelle who arrived one day to find the village completely deserted. According to Labelle, all the weapons and the food where still there, fur jackets where hung up, incomplete tasks where abandoned midway. There was an open fire with a pot of food cooking. All the dogs were still there. So where did everybody go? It was very unusual to say the least.

When I read this story, it captured my imagination and I thought it would be really cool to do an X Files episode based on it. I did a little bit of a research and this has actually come up a few other times where villages or towns mysteriously vanish. You can Google it if you are interested.

So I think it would be cool if Mulder and Scully show up to this village in Alaska in the middle of winter. They receive a report from a sheriff of a neighbouring town, this town has mysteriously vanished. I’d put in a lot the same things as we saw with the Lake Anjikuni story such as there’s a fire cooking, weapons and gear left behind, the dogs still chained up, and the people just disappeared without a trace. It’s a real head-scratcher as to where these people went.

As Mulder and Scully begin their investigation, they go around to talk to some of the neighbouring towns people just to get a vibe on the situation. They hear stories of strange lights in the sky, unusual weather phenomenon, legends of sky people coming down to visit, abductions, and cattle mutilations. Mulder suspects that it could be aliens, but Scully’s not buying it. She thinks it’s just folklore deriving from ancient times. They didn’t necessarily have the means to explain a lot of natural phenomenon such as thunder and lightning and Aurora Borealis so they would make up stories that have been passed down for centuries. In the absence of scientific explanation this is where legends and mythology come from. Also, this tribe has been relatively preserved for hundreds or thousands of years, being isolated in a rural part of Alaska. They were not near any sort of civilization so it stands to reason that they would pass along these kinds of legends and folklore, and it just spread. But that’s all it is, according to Scully.

Mulder is like, “You know what, I think there may be some truth to some of these stories.”

They then receive a call from the sheriff and he’s like, “Hey, I have something here for you you. You’d better get down here.”

So Scully and Mulder do down to the sheriff’s office and he’s like, “You should see this. See that kid over there.” Scully and Mulder look over at some teenager sitting there. “He’s from the tribe that disappeared. He just turned up.” They are like, “That’s incredible, let’s talk to him.”

The problem is, he’s not talking to anyone. This kid is naturally distrusting of outsiders and since Mulder and Scully are from the FBI, he’ not talking.

They take their eye of the kid for one second and he somehow disappears.

Mulder and Scully then get an expert tracker, someone who’s good at looking at foot prints, broken twigs and branches, using dogs to track scent, they go back to the village and begin to track this kid.

They go all through the woods and it’s getting dark. It’s cold and sketchy, and they have to spend the night outside. They think they might die, but they work together, build a fire and make it to the morning. They’re still following the tracks and it leads them to this monolithic structure that looks old. Some kind of ancient ruins, almost like Stonehenge.

They’re looking at this ancient site and are like, what the hell is this, how did it get here?

They begin checking out the site further and find a cave dwelling with these big like monolithic stone pillars, which is over a 1000 year old. They take out their flashlights and see all these intricately carved stones and cave paintings. They appear to tell a story of visitors coming from the sky and interacting in some way. Perhaps giving them technology, showing them how to cut the stones and whatnot.

Then there’s another image that’s not really sitting right with Mulder. As he’s analyzing it, the tracker yells out to them. He’s like, “Hey, the kid is outside, let’s get him.”

So Mulder and Scully quickly abandon the cave and begin to chase after the kid. They eventually capture him and his dog. They’re like, “Look man, we’re not here to hurt you, we just want to talk. What happened with your village, did you see anything? How did these stone pillars get made, and what’s with these paintings that appear to show aliens visiting?”

The kid eventually talks, he’s like, “Look, I’m a hunter so I went out to try and procure meat and some other sources of food for my village. As I was coming back, I saw men take my people.”

Mulder is like, “What do you mean by men?”

The kid is like, “You know, men wearing black suits, they had vehicles.”

Mulder then asks, “Were they aliens?”

The kid responds, “No, not aliens, but I have seen some stuff.”

“What have you seen?”

“Strange lights. Cattle disappearing.”

“What do those paintings mean? Are those aliens?”

The kid is like, “I dunno, they were here when we got here. From our ancient ancestors.”

What about these large stones, how did you guys move those?”

The kid shrugs and says, “No clue.”

So they make their way back to the village where these people disappeared and they’re starting to analyze the ground a bit more carefully. They find boot prints and tire treads. It appears as though this kid’s story is checking out — some covert government agents came to this village and took everyone. But why? It doesn’t make any sense and things are just not adding up.

They’re now back at their hotel, some kind of crappy, dingy motel in middle of nowhere, and they are perplexed. Mulder recalls the strange image he saw in the cave and says, “At the time, I didn’t really get a good look at it, but now thinking back, it kind of looked as though aliens interbreed with humans, or maybe genetically modified humans.

This is actually a theory that to Zechariah Sitchin put forth in his Earth Chronicle books, which I won’t go into. So Mulder is bringing up some of that stuff and is like, “All around the world these kind of stories appear from South America, to India, and Egypt.” He’s dropping some facts to support his claim that alien visitors came to Earth at some point in the past and either interbred with humans, or genetically modified humans, or gave us knowledge, or advanced technology, or played some role in the evolution of human beings.

“If the images depicted on the cave walls are true, that some kind of sky people, as they call them, came to Earth and genetically modified them, then we should be able to prove it with a sample of that kid’s blood. This is probably why the village was taken. Someone discovered the cave, figured out what we figured out, and took them to study them. That kid may be the proof we need that aliens exist and they came to Earth.”

Now, Scully is a medical doctor, a scientist, and is of a rational mind. She says, “Even if we analyze the kid’s blood and it shows some sort of anomaly that is incongruent with modern humans and biology, it doesn’t mean that their DNA has been altered or mixed with alien DNA. This tribe of people has been living in relative isolation for thousands of years. It’s very possible that they could have evolved completely different and their genetic make up or code is different in a significant way to humans and that doesn’t necessarily mean alien intervention. It could just mean that they perhaps took a different path, or used selective breeding, or whatever the case may be.

They get a sample of the kid’s blood and send it off to their lab back in DC, and they are awaiting the results.

Back at the village, these rogue militants return. They capture the kid and want to wipe this tribe from existence. So they are swarming and take the kid. Mulder and Scully are sitting back from afar, watching this whole thing go down.

They put the kid in the back of a truck and take off. As the convoy of vehicles are driving off, the SUV that the kid is in, lifts up off the ground and slams down. The wheels fold out to the sides and doors come off. The kid bolts out into the forest with his dog.

Mulder and Scully are left dumbfounded. They are like, “What the hell was that?”

They eventually leave and fly back to their headquarters in Washington DC. In the end, they get the blood results back and it does show like some weird anomaly that modern medicine or biology can’t explain. Mulder is convinced that the boy is a human / alien hybrid. He’s like, “Yo, we saw some crazy stuff out there. How do you explain the cave paintings, the monoliths, the stone carvings, the levitation?”

The episode wraps up and they never hear from the kid again. But they know he’s out there.

So there it is, my pitch for the X Files. If you like the pitch, please hit the like button if you want to see more pitches like this, please subscribe to my channel and leave a comment for me if you want to give me any suggestions for a future movie pitches. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you next time.

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