Joe Rogan and Friends the Animated Series

Today I will be pitching Joe Rogan and Friends The Animated Series. The idea is simply Joe Rogan and all his friends in high school.

I would have it take place in some fictitious city since they’re not all from the same place. I would also make it so they’re all similar in age.

I also wouldn’t necessarily have them all hangout with each other right away. Part of the charm of the series is to show them meeting and becoming friends.

Lastly, I would like this to be a period piece set in the 80s or 90s so there’s no cellphones or internet.

With some of my pitches, I recognize they are highly improbable, but with this one, I could actually see it being made. If you know the characters, you know they all seem perfectly suited to be animated characters. If you don’t know the characters, you may not be on board with this pitch.

The way I envision the series playing out is each season will be one school year. So the first episode will be a first day of school and the last episode will be the last day of school. All the important moments through the school year will take place such as Halloween, Christmas special, spring break, school dance, etc.

I’ll outline all the characters and with that discuss a some potential episodes. So without further ado, here is my Joe Rogan and Friends pitch.

Bert Kreisher

Bert has a lovable, life of the party, personality. He has a high-pitched laugh which sounds like he’s wheezing for breath. In one episode he hooks up with these Russian exchange students and they rob milk from the cafeteria, which is a nod to his famous Machine story. In another episode he tries out for track and field and wins unexpectedly, surprising even himself. He discovers something about himself. He claims to have a Mickey Mantle gene that almost gives him super powers. This will feature prominently throughout the series.

Tony Hinchcliffe

I think it would be cool if Tony was a grade or two younger and not necessarily friends with the rest of the people. He’s this smarmy guy who nobody really likes. He’s a smart-ass, wise-cracking prankster that roasts people and gets on their nerves. He’s also into WWE. In one episode, The Ultimate Warrior comes to their school and gives a talk and Tony is really happy. During the Halloween episode he dresses up as a golden pony for Halloween and the nickname sticks.

Eddie Bravo

Eddie is this conspiracy theory guy that questions authority and all the information he’s being taught in class. He thinks the school principal and some of the teachers are shape-shifting aliens and he’s hellbent on proving it to everyone. In one episode, he links up with Brian Redban, who’s this videographer guy. Together they set out to capture these shape-shifters on camera.

He shares some classes with Joe Rogan and they soon become friends, talking martial arts and conspiracy theories.  Later in life Eddie becomes a master jui jitsu specialist, but in the 8th grade he’s not yet that way so it would be cool to see his first exposure to it. Eddie and Joe debate on which martial arts style is the most effective. One day, Eddie shows up with UFC 1 and they watch it. Eddie becomes obsessed with Royce Gracie and starts training jui jitsu.

Chris D’Elia

Chris is this tall, lanky guy with long hair. He’s sarcastic, silly, and makes fun of everything. He comes up with really witty things to say and acts too cool for school. In one episode, he has a crush on the popular girl and wants to ask her to the dance. But she’s dating this big hulking football player who picks on Chris. One day, Chris makes fun of a jock and humiliates him publicly and gets the girl.

Joe Rogan

Is an artist and into comics. He likes the conspiracy stuff too, but is getting picked on. His family life is shit. After getting beat up, we see Joe walk by a martial arts studio and hear a guy kicking a heavy bag. He gets into taekwon do and hangs out at pool hall with an older kid named Joey Diaz.

Joey Diaz

The way I see it, Joey doesn’t go to their school. He’s a little older than the other kids. He’s a street guy from the neighbourhood and pops by every couple episodes. He gets into trouble, but has a heart of gold. Maybe he meets Joe Rogan at a pool hall and beats up a bully for him. He’s wise and takes Joe Rogan under his wing. He has a short temper and yells a lot. In one episode, he kidnaps a guy and robs him, which is a nod to a true life story.

Tom Segura

Candidly, I don’t know enough about Tom Segura. But as I see it, he’s this really dry deadpan guy. He’s friends with Bert and they are always trying to one-up each other with hilarious bets and pranks. In one episode, they stage a massive fat shaming competition to see who can lose the most weight, which actually happened in real life, so I think nodding to that would be cool.

Brian Redban

Brian is the tech guy who’s also a bit of a pervert. He’s always scheming of ways to film the girls changing in the locker rooms. He also does drugs and is a bit of a loner who’s always trying to fit in. He’s in many classes with Joe Rogan, but the two aren’t exactly friends. Brian says the most ridiculous “oh Brian” things and makes Joe shake his head often. Later in the season he tries to put together a death squad super group, but nobody is really that into it.

Brian hosts the death squad radio show for the school and also does the morning announcements. This way you could bring in special guests on the show such as a young Kevin Smith, Big Jay Oakerson, Christina P, Dana white, etc.

One episode you could have Christina P come to school for a field hockey match and Tom falls in love with her.

Theo Von

Theo comes in the season later, he moves to the school from the south. The way he talks is different, he has this mullet, and the stories he tells are really hilarious, but nobody can relate to him so he’s a bit of a misfit. For the Halloween episode, he goes as the Rat King.

Brendan Schaub

Brendan is a jock who’s also into fashion. He’s much bigger, but just wants to be the same size as everyone else. He’s always trying to squeeze into clothing that is too small for him. He secretly taking sewing classes and coming up with ideas. On the Halloween episode, we could have him dress up as a French robot, which is based on a true story.

Bryan Callen

He’s a rich preppy kid who talks about traveling the world and drinking fine wine. He tries really hard to be appear worldly and enlightened. He’s also obsessed with trying to become big, following the jocks around and asking them how much they can bench. That’s when he meets Brendan Schaub. He takes taekwon do as well and competes in the Master Kim national tournament, which nobody has ever heard of. This is where he meets Joe Rogan. As the story goes, the tournament was just a local tournament at Master Kim’s dojo, but Bryan tells everyone he is a national champion and brings a trophy to school.

Ari Shaffir

He has a short fuse and refuses to play by the rules. He’s constantly getting mad at kids misallocating funds from the school store. Everything according to Ari is stupid and futile. He’s the naysayer of the group. One episode, Joey Diaz comes to school and gives Ari, Redban, Eddie, and Joe a heroic doze of mushrooms and they time travels to the future, which is based on a true story. They see themselves as adults on the JRE podcast and doing standup. When they return, they forget everything they saw.

Each episode is more or less stand alone, focusing on one of the above people, but it will also have an overarching storyline that takes them through a school year. You could have a guest speaker like a WWE wrestler come to the school and give a talk, a snow day where everyone is trapped in school, a class trip where everyone goes to a farm to learn about animals, and so on.

So there it is, my Joe Rogan and Friends Animated TV Series pitch. Let me know in the comments if you like the idea and can think of characters or cool episodes you would love to see.

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