Iron Fist Season 3 | Movie Pitch Monday

It was a sad day when I found out my beloved Iron Fist had been cancelled. I had suggested the show to a couple friends, and they all didn’t like it. If I recall correctly, podcaster Marc Bernardin also expressed his dissatisfaction with it. Personally, I didn’t share those same opinions. So since we’re not going to see Iron Fist season 3, I went ahead and created my own.

Just to recap where we left off in season 2:

  • The Meachums are at odds with each other
  • Danny and Ward are homies
  • Danny is dating and living with Colleen in Colleen’s dojo
  • Danny is working as a delivery driver (for some reason)
  • Through this lady Mary Walker, who was hired by Joy Meachum, they trick Danny and they transfer his powers into Davos, aka the Steel Serpent
  • Davos hooks up with a local street gang and enacts his own form of street justice. Davos is straight up, murdering people who oppose him
  • Danny attempts to get his powers back
  • In the end, Danny suggests Colleen become the Iron Fist
  • Together, Danny and Colleen defeat Davos, and Colleen becomes Iron Fist
  • In the ps scene, we see Ward and Danny in Asia talking to some gangster-looking fellows. It has been made months since defeating Davos and Danny appears to have his powers back

So that’s where we left off.

I also want to take a look at some of the weaknesses of the series and why it may have been cancelled. My hopes is that addressing those weaknesses in season 3, it would bring more viewers.

I won’t get into all the issues with the show, but I will site what I believe are three main, fixable, issues:

  1. Danny is not a superhero in the traditional sense. He’s reactive instead of active. What I mean by that is, what does he want beyond foiling the villain? He wants to clean up the city, but he doesn’t really seem all that proactive in doing so. So I think for a lot of people, his character falls a little flat
  2. Lacking villains. While we saw the Hand and Davos, the pacing of the show meant that we didn’t see him face them regularly
  3. We hear about Kun Lun, but never really get to see it

So without further ado, here is my Iron Fist season 3 pitch.


In the opening episode, I would continue the storyline with Danny and Ward in Asia, in the slums of Japan. They’re tracking down some evil doers who they believe are responsible for the death of Danny’s parents.

Back home, Colleen has this new power, but she does’t exactly know what to do with it. She has sort of lost her way and in an effort to regain purpose and meaning in her life, she reverts to the only thing she knows, which is to reopen her Dojo and train a squad of disciples. She’s no longer in contact with the Danny and feeling a bit sad about that.

Her history comes to light as her family crest keeps popping up. First we saw it on a box, then the back of an Iron Fist medallion. There is a reason for all this and I would explore that.

One day this cryptic letter shows up with her family crest on it. She hops on a plane and flies to Japan, where she tracks down the origins of this letter. Here, we learn about her backstory and her connection to a legendary family. She finds this old shop that has an ancient Samurai sword with special abilities, similar to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. She takes the sword and people are after her for it.

Through some means, which I haven’t figured out yet, she and Danny go to Kung Lun without Ward. Now, Kun Lun is a magical place where people have incredible powers and those secrets must be kept safe and protected. Good thing there are two Iron Fists. Danny and Colleen attempt to rebuild it to its former glory. They’re sweeping up and stacking bricks, bringing in a new squad of disciples, training them and whatnot.

Danny takes her on a tour and explains some stuff to her and we see a lot of flashbacks. Basically this entire season takes place in Kun Lun.

The rest of the season

One day, this badass dude shows up with all his ninjas and they attempt to steal some sacred scrolls that bestow immortality, invisibility, or some other powers to them. There’s a big fight and some stuff happens. We see Colleen wield her glowing sword and she’s really coming into her own as a superhero.

One of their students is coerced into stealing the secrets and they fall into the hands of the bad guy, whose plan it is to destroy Danny and Colleen, go back to New York, and take over. They cannot let this happen. But, they are severely outnumbered.

In the end, Danny and Colleen make the decision to go back to New York, teach some of the sacred secrets to their students. Nothing crazy, but powers nonetheless. There’s a big battle, and in the end, good triumphs over evil.

Season 4 could be all about these kids being too irresponsible to handle the powers and Colleen and Danny have to defeat them and take them back using some ceremony.

There it is, broad strokes for an Iron Fist season 3. I didn’t really talk about the Meachums, but they would be in there as well. Check out my video where I go into a little more detail. If you like these pitches, be sure to check out some of my other ones, like, and subscribe. See you next Monday! #MoviePitchMonday

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