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Recently, I read the original Mask comic and it got me inspired to pitch a Mask sequel. Now, I understand there is a Mask sequel called Son of The Mask, but I haven’t seen it, nor have I seen the Mask cartoon, so admittedly, I don’t know much about The Mask other than the Jim Carrey movie, and issue 1 of the comic.

My pitch is set in modern day, so it has been nearly 25 years since the 1994 Jim Carrey movie. The opening scene we see an underground, black-market auction with several items up for bid — weapons, stolen art, trade secrets, etc. The auctioneer is some pompous-looking guy on a little stage, surrounded by different groups that are keeping their distance from each other.

There are four main groups:

  • The Russians
  • The Chinese
  • The African-Americans
  • Caucasian Americans

“The next item up for bid bestows god-like powers to the wearer,” the auctioneer states. “This item has been in a private collection for over two decades, but its origins date back even further.”

As the auctioneer continues, the camera pans around to the Mask of Loki that we all know from the first movie. This is also where I can insert some exposition about the mask and its powers.

“The origins of the Mask are unknown,” the man says, “but it is believed to be created between the 4th and 5th century by the Norse god Loki. Some historians describe Loki as a night god, which is fitting since the Mask only works at night. Let’s open up the bidding at ten million dollars, do I have ten million?”

The men from the different groups begin bidding like crazy. Little do they know, the cops have the place surrounded and before the bidding ends, they burst through the doors and storm the place.

One of the Chinese guys grabs the mask, puts it on, and starts to attack his enemies. They fire back and it turns into an all-out fire fight with everyone ducking for cover.

The cops hold back and wait for the violence to play out. Their thinking is like, if these guys want to kill each other, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

The Chinese guy eventually escapes and takes off in a fleet of Mercedes. The police give chase along with the other groups, and now they’re racing through the city. The Russians, the Americans, everyone is chasing after this convoy of vehicles.

The Chinese can hardly contain himself, he’s drunk with power. He climbs out the car, which mind you is swerving in and out of traffic. He’s now on the roof of the car. He leaps off like he’s in the frigging Matrix, landing on one of the cop cars. It smashes. He then bounces from vehicle to vehicle, caving in the hoods of all the enemies vehicles, causing them to flip end over and and spin out of control. There’s a massive pile-up. People are firing at the guy in the Mask, but the bullets do nothing.

My friends, I remind you, this is the opening scene of the movie!

So the Mask eventually gets away.

Everyone’s pissed. The cops arrest some of the gangsters and haul them off to jail so it’s not a complete waste. This becomes the biggest news story around the world. People recorded all this footage with their cellphones and it’s blowing up on social media.

Here, we follow the lead cop. He’s never been in such a high profile case before. Camera crews are showing up at his house, wanting to interview him. He goes inside and just wants to escape. He has a teenage daughter, who hangs around some friends. They’re over at the house and they’ve been following the story online. They’re into comics and fantasy, and have done a little bit of research about the mask. They explain to the dad what they know about it.

Act Two

The police are trying their best to apprehend the mask and are going after all the usual suspects. It’s all hands on deck. They’re receiving pressure from the public to put a stop to this chaos so everyone is working double shifts.

Now, the other storyline we’re following is the African-Americans. One of the guys who got arrested was Chris Warner – a nineteen year old kid who is from a rough part of town and does what he has to do to survive. He got caught up in the gang life early and doesn’t want to see his little brother get caught up in it.

Chris has a little brother who’s 15 — Let’s call him Devin. Devin is sad that his brother Chris got arrested because that’s his hero. The dad is gone and Chris has really been the only stable male figure in Devin’s life. Now that he’s locked up, he’s pissed.

Devin and his friends come up with a plan to roll up on the Chinese gangsters and steal the Mask and use it to break his brother out of jail. So that’s what he does. He and his homies squad up and kidnap the Chinese guy’s daughter. They hold her ransom until her dad hands over the mask.

The Chinese guy loves his daughter is forced hand over the mask.

The African-American gangsters go back and forth, each using the mask. They run amok, causing lots of crime, revenge, and property damage. But before they can do that, the sun comes up, the powers of the mask are nullified. This is when the Russians show up and take the mask. Then all hell breaks loose.

The Russian guy is the worst. He’s doing some really bad things and there’s all these interconnected storylines.

Then, from seemingly out of nowhere, a new dude shows up to town, wearing a red mask. Nobody knows who it is. He smashes the Russian guy, takes out the Chinese guys, and crushes the Americans. This guy is badass. But just like the green mask, the power subsides when the sun comes up.

The city is freaking out and nobody knows how to stop this guy.

Act Three

Nobody knows where the green mask is. Turns out, Devin has it. He picked it up when the Russian guy was defeated by the red mask. He snatched it off of him and ran. Now, he wants to make a deal with the lead cop to let his brother out. The cop takes that deal and they meet in a public place. The cop, the brother, and the little brother. He hands over the mask, which is wrapped in a cloth. The brother is free to go.

Now, nobody knows the cop has the mask. After he gets it, he goes up to the jail to pay someone a visit. As the cop shows up to prison, I would have some reveal and it’s none other than Jim Carrey — Stanley Ipkiss himself. They have a little chat and the cop asks him about any long-term effects with wearing the mask. Stanley seems normal and this satisfies the cop.

Later that night, the cop is at home, in his room, and he’s staring at the mask. He becomes overcome with curiosity and puts on the mask. He bounces around the house and backyard, scares the neighbour’s cat, and causes a lot of commotion.

The kids show up and the dad restrains himself. He takes the mask off and apologizes for his behaviour. The kids are like, “Can I try it?” The dad says, no. They are like, “Please!” He says, “Okay, but only for a second.”

The daughter is the first to try on the mask and it takes control of her. She’s too young. She runs away with it. The dad and all the friends chase after her. Just as he’s about to apprehend her, the red mask villain shows up again. The dad is really worried because this red mask character is going to kill his daughter.

But then, the skies part and the Guardians of the Galaxy show up. Here, we learn about the backstory of the two masks and how one is good and one is evil. They were both forged from wood made with Groot’s face. Groot is pissed, he’s all, “I am Groot” and he takes the mask back.

The red mask has gone around town causing havoc. There’s an epic fight between the Guardians and the red mask. After a crazy battle, the sun comes up and red mask gets away, we never learn their identity.

Star-Lord and the gang say some parting words before they take off. The cops have the green mask and are not letting it out of their site. The main cop is about to take his daughter and her friends home when another cops walks up and informs him that the prison was one of the places the red mask hit and some of the inmates escaped.

In the closing scene, we see a man’s feet walking down a sidewalk. He’s wearing a new suit. As camera pans up, it’s Jim Carrey aka Stanley Ipkiss. He’s looking dead into the camera and smiles. Then the camera pans over to a car. He gets in and says to the driver, “It’s good to see you again. Did you get my mask?”

The camera pans over to reveal none other than Cameron Diaz — she’s had the red mask the entire time! She says, “Not yet, but we will.”


What I like about this pitch is that the mask changes hands so many times, and each time we get a new version. We saw a little bit of that in the Jim Carrey movie, but I would do more of that.

Anyway, there is my Mask pitch, let me know in the comments if you like it.

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