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Avatar 2 is supposedly coming in December 2020, so I thought it would be fun to put out a pitch of what I would do in the sequel.

Now, this was surprisingly difficult because what made Avatar so great wasn’t necessarily the plot. It had more to do with the following three elements:

  1. The 3D — which was revolutionary at the time
  2. The visuals — it was filled with rich colours and imagery
  3. The world — the philosophy or message behind how the natives interacted with nature

While it did have a powerful, heartbreaking story, it wasn’t all that intricate or even original. I read somewhere that Avatar was essentially Dances with Wolves meets Pocahontas.

So I definitely had a challenge ahead of me while attempting to make an interesting and engaging pitch, using nothing but my words. In this pitch, you will not see the 3D or the bright colours, or the spectacular world, so bear with me.

To recap what happened in the first movie:

  • Humans, part of the Resources Development Administration (RDA) go to Pandora, a densely forested planet inhabited by a native tribe called the Na’vi, looking for valuable mineral called unobtanium
  • They discover the richest deposit of unobtanium under a giant tree called Hometree, where the Na’vi live
  • Jake Sully is sent to infiltrate the Na’vi and convince them to leave Hometree so that the humans can mine the unobtanium
  • Jake Sully grows sympathetic to the Na’vi and changes his allegiance
  • Parker Selfridge, head of RDA orders the Hometree to be destroyed
  • There’s a battle and many of the Na’vi are killed
  • With the exceptions of Jake, Norm and a few others scientists, all humans are expelled from Pandora and are sent back to Earth
  • Jake is permanently transferred into his avatar with the aid of the Tree of Souls

That’s where we’re at. So without further Ado, here’s my Avatar 2 pitch.

Act One

After toppling the Hometree, The Resources Development Administration (RDA) flee Pandora with the unobtainium and has taken it back to Earth. So I would open the movie on Earth. It’s a futuristic world, but it’s in a state of disrepair. As the original story goes, much of Earth’s natural resources have been depleted, which has led to a severe energy crisis.

The unobtanium is being studied and they find it is wildly unstable. There’s an episode of the X-Files where these boys have some sort of power that accelerates the growth of anything they touch, so when they put their hands on a doorknob, for instance, all the bacteria on the doorknob grows like crazy. So the unobtanium does this and the room that it’s in is growing all this weird fungus and bacteria and is threatening the world. If this thing escapes quarantine, it could completely take over the planet, which they assume will turn Earth’s atmosphere poisonous to humans as it has done to Pandora.

We cut to our first look of Pandora and it doesn’t look as we remember it. With the Hometree dead and all the unobtainium stolen, the planet is dying. Destroying the Hometree has damaged the biological neural network of the planet and they desperately need to get it back. Plants and animals are dying, and the Na’vi are unable to procreate so if they don’t act fast, they will face extinction.

We said that Jake, Norm and a few others scientists have remained on Pandora. In fact, Jake is permanently transferred into his avatar so he has really taken a leadership role within the tribe and wants to figure out how to fix this problem that he feels somewhat responsible for (guilty by association).

Jake is hanging out with Neytiri who has become pregnant with his child. Let’s say the baby was conceived before the tree was destroyed. After it was destroyed, nothing could become pregnant. The life of her unborn baby also hangs in the balance since it needs nature to nurture it (see what I did there!).

Neytiri and others explain to him that the unobtainium is vital to the planet’s survival and without it, everything will perish. To keep the unobtainium stable, it needs to be buried under a Hometree. That’s why the Hometree is so large, because it feeds directly off this life enhancing mineral.

Jake has come to learn of another tree of life on the moon planet, but it’s being guarded by an aquatic tribe of Na’vi. Here we get some backstory of the two tribes and how they’ve been at war for centuries. If only they could acquire another Hometree seed, then they could in theory, plant a new tree and hope will be restored. However, the forest Na’vi can’t exactly go up to the water Na’vi and ask for a seed from their tree. They are sworn enemies!

As mentioned, Sam feels responsible and guilty for what has happened to his new people and he vows to make right. He also has a baby on the way and considers Pandora home, so it is vital for he and his family’s future to get that seed.

While Neytiri stays at home, pregnant, Sam convinces some of the other Na’vi to go with him. They don’t steal and don’t want to risk going to the aquatic Na’vi’s turf, but they agree to show Sam the way to this underwater civilization. Sam convinces one of his fellow human scientists, Dave, to go with him.

The plan is that once they have the seed, they can plant it under the small amount of remaining unobtanium they have, which they are guarding with their lives, and hopefully a new Hometree will flourish and the planet will be saved. We also need to establish that the seeds must come from this other tree because otherwise they would just get one from their own tree. Maybe the forest people have the male part of the seed and the water people have the female part, and you need both. Something like that.

Act Two

Back on Earth, the humans figure that to keep the unobtanium in balance and in harmony with nature, they need a Hometree. This means they need to make another trip back to Pandora and steal a seed.

Now, we said that Sam is permanently transformed into a Na’vi, but some of the other scientists are still using Avatars. They can unplug and chill in the base in their human form. Here, we learn a little about Dave’s backstory — he has a wife, who’s also a scientist on the ship. She has developed cancer and is in dire need of treatment. Turns out, the unobtanium can cure her. The main RDA guy cuts a deal with Dave to obtain the seed, rendezvous with them at some location, and save his wife. Dave takes that deal unbeknownst to Sam.

So Sam and Dave, perhaps some others, go to this underwater place and attempt to steal a seed from the last remaining Hometree on the planet. Here we see a lot of really cool visuals that we haven’t seen before since it’s underwater. I’m talking new animals, new plants, crazy colours, etc.

The mission is really risky and as it turns out, the aquatic Na’vi discover the forest Na’vi’s plan and are after them. There’s a really suspenseful chase and in the end, Sam gets captured, but not before giving the seed to Dave. He think he can trust him so he’s like, “Take this to Eytukan,” (Neytiri’s father and clan leader).

Dave comes up and tells the tribe that Sam failed and they did not get the seed. He said that he was captured and most likely killed. Several of the Na’vi clan ignore the risks and stage a rescue attempt for Sam, who may or may not be dead. Since the Na’vi are not violent by nature, their plan is to meet with the aquatic leaders and negotiate a deal to get Sam back. There’s actually something of value they have that the aquatic tribe doesn’t, and they are willing to trade it for Sam.

Here we learn more backstory of the Tree of Souls, which is of extreme spiritual significance and allows the Na’vi and humans to connect with it and be at one with nature. There have been many battles fought over this tree and the forest Na’vi have been the guardians of it since the beginning of time. Now, for the first time, they are willing to share it with this aquatic tribe, not only for Sam, but also for the Hometree seed.

One of the other human scientists, let’s call her Paula, learns about Dave’s deal with the RDA and that he double crossed everyone. So they argue and fight. Dave gets knocked out, and is detained in a holding facility while Paula brings the seed to the Na’vi tribe.

Act Three

The planet is dying and the Na’vi need to plant the seed asap. Plants and animals are dying, birds are falling from the sky, and the Na’vi are feeling weak. Sam and Neytir’s baby is also at risk with each passing minute. Just as the seed is en route, the RDA folks show up, and unplug Paula from her from her avatar. They then go out to retrieve the seed.

Jump back to the negotiation, it goes well and the water people accept the forest people’s trade. They agree to give Sam back in return for the Tree of Souls seed. Sam returns and figures out that Dave double crossed him. They go back to the ship to stop Dave and save Paula, who they assume is in danger

Just before the humans leave the planet, the Na’vi arrive just in time to stop them. There’s another epic battle between humans and Na’vi and again there are many casualties. This time, however, the underwater tribe comes up and lends a hand since they too need unobtainium and want to show an act of solidarity with the forest Na’vi.

With the help of the aquatic Na’vi, the humans are defeated and detained. The Na’vi are becoming weak suddenly. They need the seed to be planted and the unobtainium put back. In a suspenseful race against the clock, the Na’vi along with Jake and Paula take the unobtainium from the ship and put in back in the ground. They also plant the new Hometree seed, which they recently acquired. They do a ceremony and something crazy happens. Maybe the sky parts and it rains or something cool, I’m not sure what, but it should be visually stunning and unclear to Sam and us as the audience what is happening. But later we learn that this a good thing. It means the planet will be saved.

We show a scene of the RDA humans captured somehow and Dave reunited with his wife. Maybe he’s forgiven, I’m not sure.

In the end, Neytiri gives birth and we see a cute little Na’vi baby.

The end.

Perhaps movie three can be all about the new baby growing up and discovering s/he has powers, or that this teenager Na’vi falls in love with one of the aquatic Na’vi so we can continue that story line.

So there it is, my Avatar 2 pitch. Let me know in the comments if you liked it. If you like these pitches, check out more of them below!

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