Nightwing TV Series | Movie Pitch Monday

In today’s video, I’m going to be pitching a Nightwing TV series. Now, I know there is a Teen Titans TV series coming, which I didn’t know about prior to preparing for this pitch. I just watched the trailer an hour ago and my concept is much different. I want the tone of my series to be similar to Iron Fist. I have a guy in mind to play Nightwing called Charles Melton that could be good for this role, depending on how well he can fight.

The story takes place post Robin, maybe two years later. Batman and Dick — by the way, Dick Grayson’s initials are DG so maybe we’ll agree to call him Diggy or something — any way, he had a fallout because Batman was at war and wanted Diggy’s total devotion. Diggy was busy with college and messing around with Teen Titans and Bruce had enough of him, essentially firing him as Robin. This part comes up in the comics so I would follow that story line.

So Diggy leaves, doesn’t accept any help from Bruce, and has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He makes his way on his own and becomes fully independent, continuing his studies, finding an apartment, etc. He finds work and eventually opens up his own martial arts academy.

Act One

Opening scene, we see Diggy teaching kids at his studio. Remember, he’s an expert gymnast, weapons specialist, and martial arts expert. He isn’t Nightwing yet. One of his students asks him if he’s ever been in a real fight where he’s had to use his skills. He says, “Yes, plenty of times. In a combat scenario, I can teach you what works and what doesn’t work. Most of the stuff you see on TV and movies doesn’t work, but remember, we learn these skills to master confidence and discipline, not to beat people up. We are the good guys, not the bullies. We use it if we have to… and hopefully we never have to.”

After class, Diggy pulls one of the kids aside and asks him why his brother hasn’t been coming to class. The kid says some lie, which Diggy picks up on. He then offers to walk the kid home. The kid lives in a rough part of town, as does Diggy. They get close to the house and the boy stops, and says “Oh, I … uh, I forgot something back at the studio. I need to go back to get it.”

Again, Diggy knows the kid is lying and senses fear in him. He looks up ahead and sees a group of gang bangers hanging around outside his building.

Diggy crouches low and says, “We cannot live in fear. It’s okay, they won’t harm you.” He then takes the kid by the shoulder and escorts him up to his apartment. When he gets there, the house is chaotic. The mum is cooking in the kitchen and screaming at the brother to set the table.

Diggy notices the brother has a black eye. Diggy greets the mother and talks to the brother. He asks, “What happened?”

The kid replies, “It was nothing. Just a misunderstanding at school.”

He goes, “Did those guys downstairs do this to you?”

The kid looks up and nods.

Diggy stands up and is pissed. The brother tries to warn him. He’s like, “Wait, those guys are bad news, you don’t want to mess with them.”

Diggy storms outside and confronts the dudes, there’s like five of them, and they look sketchy — neck tattoos, gold chains, most likely strapped. Diggy says, “Which one of you low-lifes touched my brother?”

They all get up and confront him, they’re like, “Yo, homey, you better check yourself.”

“Maybe you didn’t hear me — which one of you losers touched my brother?”

They all surround him and pull out knives and brass knuckles. This is when Diggy notices a familiar tattoo on one of the guy’s neck. Diggy doesn’t back down — he pulls out two batons from his back and says, “Who wants to go first?”

The gang bangers are looking at this guy like he’s crazy and decide they don’t feel like getting into it with him at the moment.

“These are my brothers,” he says, “You mess with them, you mess with me. And, trust me, you don’t want to mess with me.”

The gang bangers walk away and Diggy turns to the two brothers and says, “You let me know if they come after you again, okay?”

Act Two

Later that night, Diggy pulls up to the club with an all-black motor cycle. He gets a drink and starts talking to some hot girl. Those gang bangers show up, all sporting the same tattoos, and Diggy is observing them. The girl starts dancing with him and kissing him, but part of his attention is focused on the table of street thugs.

I’d cut to a sex montage back at the girl’s apartment. When the scene catches up, the girl is passed out in bed and he’s putting a shirt on and slipping out the fire escape window. He gets on his bike and speeds away back to his apartment.

When he gets back to his crib, he stays up for another two hours listening to the audio that he recorded from the club. He put a bug at the table and that’s one of the ways he’s been spying on these guys.

He has a two-bedroom apartment and one of the rooms is dedicated to crime fighting. That’s where he has all his gear and weapons. So he’s sitting in this room late at night under the glow of a computer screen, and as the camera pans out, it shows he has been mapping out a whole network of criminal activity. There’s cork boards with faces and string connecting people, news clippings, crime reports, etc.

Although he hasn’t been Robin in two years, and isn’t Nightwing yet, he has been staying up to date with what’s been happening in Gotham.

Act Three

The next scene, we see him back in his dojo, teaching a class, and the homies show up. They’re looking to hurt him and even humiliate him in the process. It’s five on one and they surround him. Some of his senior students step up to get his back, and Diggy tells them to stand down and he will handle it. “I need the practice.”

They all attack and we see a spectacular ballet of violence as Diggy handles these guys while hardly breaking a sweat. They all scramble to their feet and take off.

Out of the corner of his eye, Diggy sees Bruce Wayne standing off to the side. They haven’t seen each other in two years and there’s still some resentment and tension there. Diggy says to his class, “Okay, everyone, pair up and practice the lesson we just drilled.”

Jon Hamm wants said he wants to be Batman, well guess what, Jon Hamm. You’re Batman, get in there! I think it would be cool to have Bruce Wayne in the entire season, but not as Batman, just as Bruce Wayne.

So Diggy walks up and sees Bruce with a cane. Diggy makes a comment about the cane and Bruce says, “I fell off a roof. I’ll be out for a while. I came here to tell you that the city needs you.”

Bruce is getting older and wants Diggy to take over as Batman, which is what he thinks he wanted. But Diggy never wanted to be Batman, he just wanted to be his equal.

“Right now my focus is on helping these kids,” Diggy says.

“What you’re doing is noble. I respect that. But there are forces at play that need to be brought to justice.”

“It’s good to see you Bruce, but if you don’t mind, I have a class I need to get back to.”

On his way out, Bruce says, “You should come by the manor some time.”

Diggy says, “Maybe I will.”

So that is the end of season one episode one. We saw a little bit of Diggy’s character, we saw some bravery, some espionage, a spectacular fight scene, his life style, and Bruce Wayne! I think that would be the perfect teaser to open up the series.

Season one is all about Diggy transforming into Nightwing, which doesn’t happen until like episode four or five. We learn about his backstory with his parents, the Flying Graysons. Maybe we show a little flashback of Bruce taking care of him, training him, and teaching him lessons. We see some Batman and Robin stuff, even them just hanging around the Batcave in their costumes.

The basic premise is Diggy finding a connection between the Red Hood gang and the death of his parents and being really determined to bring them to justice. We see him hooking up with girls, using his super intellect, and showing off some amazing acrobatics and fighting skills.

Midway through the season we get this amazing scene where he goes to Wayne manor and says, “I want back in… but on my own terms. I need gear, a new suit, intelligence, weapons, a mobile.”

Bruce says, “Welcome back, Robin.”

Then Diggy goes, “No, I no longer want to be your side kick. I want to be your equal. You taught me everything I know and I am forever indebted to you. But it’s time this Robin flies away from the nest and becomes his own man.”

“You have a name yet?”

“You’ll will know it soon.”

He then goes to Batman’s chief mechanic and costume maker, Harold to get a new suit. Then it’s on.

In the season finale, Nightwing fights the leader of the Red Hood gang, aptly called Red Hood, and it goes back and forth. Then some of Red Hood’s homies jump in and it’s unfair. Just when he thinks he’s outnumbered, Batman shows up and they fight side by side once again.

The leader gets away, but many of the other gang members get arrested and Nightwing prevents a large drug shipment from coming in. Batman takes off, allowing Nightwing to get all the shine. That’s Nightwing’s big coming out party. Gotham now celebrates him.

In season two, I wouldn’t necessarily bring in any of Batman’s villains like Joker, Bain, Penguin, etc. I would just make up new ones. Maybe some of the neighbourhood kids who were his students become involved in gang activity and he has to deal with that. Meanwhile he’s getting closer and closer to learning the truth about his parents.

So there it is, my Nightwing TV series pitch. I hope you like it. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything I missed that you’d like to see. Also, check out some of my other pitches.

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