A Quieter Place | My A Quiet Place Sequel Movie Pitch

A Quiet Place sequel is coming, I can almost guarantee it. So in this #MoviePitchMonday, I’m going to be pitching A Quieter Place — a sequel to A Quiet Place.

As I see it, there are three likely sequels you could do.

First, have the same family carry on without the husband. They find another group, form a tribe and start to rebuild.

The second likely concept is to focus on an entirely new family, new story line, in some other part of the world. Society is rebuilding, maybe they find an egg sack and more of these monsters come out to play.

The third scenario is to do a prequel to A Quiet Place, and tell the story leading up to A Quiet Place. This way we can have Emily Blunt and John Krasinski back in the franchise. We see their lives before this event and show how everything goes haywire.

I really like all three, especially the prequel idea; however, for today’s pitch, I’ll be pitching a version of the first scenario, but one where John Krasinski can reprise his role in the franchise.


Now, to really make the sequel hit with fans, I think we need to understand what made the first movie a success. Great acting aside, A Quiet Place was successful because it was something audiences hadn’t seen before — it was a horrifying monster thriller where people couldn’t speak, so there was a lot of tension and suspense.

You need to show people something they’ve never seen before. So if you come back with John, Emily and the kids with the same monsters and where nobody can talk, I don’t think that plays well. It’ll basically be the same movie, except this time, we’ve seen it, it’s no longer a new concept. So I think we need to advance to story line with new monsters and new goals.

So for my movie pitch, there’s a small glimmer of hope that I’m clinging to for this to work — in the first movie, technically we don’t see John die. His death is only implied. What if when the monster was about to get him, he fell into a pit, an abandoned well of some sort. He fell 30 feet, hit his head and knocked himself out, and broke his leg. He’s laying down there unconscious and in bad shape.

Act One

The movie opens with the mum holding the shotgun. Her and the kids are safe and she is an emotional wreck. She heads outside to look for her husband, but he appears to be gone. She realizes that this house is no place for them to stay.

She sees a helicopter fly over the house and off into the hills. It’s making a lot of noise and there are no monsters anywhere. She further confirms this by setting off a flare or some kind of diversion to see if anything comes out. Nothing does. It appears the coast is clear.

John cannot cry for help, because he doesn’t want to make a sound and risk more of those creatures coming for his family, so he remains in the pit and they don’t even realize it.

Emily packs up the kids and some supplies, and heads out. She has her shotgun and the look of a stone-cold killer. She lost her partner and she is having serious doubts whether or not she can do this on her own. But she needs to be strong, her kids need her.


Along the way, she encounters some trials and tribulations. She’s in full-on protective momma-bear mode. Anything that appears to be a threat, she is quick with the gun. She does encounter some other humans, but they look sketchy and she tells them to kick rocks.

With a new born and two kids, it’s a lot to ask for her to take care of everyone, including herself. The weight is crippling her. Even with John, it was a difficult situation, but now on her own, she’s barely holding it together. She needs to set up camp, find food, take care of first aid, maintain morale, etc. She’s the hunter / gather, the provider, the protector, all in one.

We flash back to John and he is bleeding badly. Through sheer will to survive, he somehow climbs his way out of this impossibly deep pit, with a broken leg mind you, and makes it to the surface. He’s covered in dirt and blood, and is exhausted. At the top, he collapses and still doesn’t want to make a sound. Eventually, he makes his way to the house and down into the basement. He’s not too sure what happened, but fears the worst. He remains at the house and creates a makeshift cast for his leg by placing two sticks on either side and wrapping it up. He also has some crutches so he can be a little more mobile.

The crutches make a lot of noise, but nothing appears to come after him. Following a hunch, he goes outside and finds a clue that suggests that maybe his family is still alive. Perhaps if he hurries, he can catch up with them.

Maybe in his sorrow, we see flashbacks of a time when these monsters weren’t around. We see their home life, happy moments, backyard barbeques with the neighbours, etc. He sees his wife’s adoring smile and their new born baby (first child) and it brings him to tears.

Cut to the mum, her kids are asleep, she’s starving and has a nasty cut on her foot that is not getting any better. The rusty nail she stepped on has caused a nasty infection, and she’s been on her feet all day. In a moment of solitude, she breaks down and starts to cry. Perhaps we could cut to more flashbacks of a time before all this mess happened.

Just when all hope is lost, she sees another helicopter and it gives her hope. It’s the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel that she needed to guide her way and restore her spirits. The helicopter appears to be military and she thinks perhaps just beyond the mountain, there is salvation. In the morning, she carries on.


Her and the kids struggle up the mountain, but they eventually make it. Just as her vision can see over the mountain, she sees a makeshift military base. A smile comes across her face as hope is restored. She wipes away a tear of joy.

Everyone’s spirits are high and she rallies her troop to march on. As she’s heading down the hill, she stops. The base explodes in a giant ball of hellfire. We see her expression change to a look of horror. She watches on in disbelief and wants to scream out, but doesn’t. She needs to maintain a brave face for her kids.

Meanwhile, John has troubles of his own. His leg isn’t making things any easier, but at least he’s comfortable in the house. He gives it a few days to see if perhaps his family returns and his leg heels a bit. When they don’t return, he begins to venture off in hopes of finding more clues, or at least other survivors.

Act Two

As he begins to move, he’s making a lot of noise. His crutches are scrapping along the ground, he’s stepping on sticks, and kicking pine cones. The monsters don’t come out, which feels good. He lets out a scream and carries on. Then, all of the sudden, these little eggs in the ground hatch and these creatures come out. They look like the babies of the monsters from the first movie. They’re little crawly things, and they are fast. They are after him and he does his best to fight them off, swinging his crutches, but ultimately making a run for it.

He hobbles to the bridge where his son died and dives over the railing just in time before these little critters get him. The water is cold and he is struggling to maintain buoyancy. He can’t exactly swim given his condition and his gear just weighs him down. Eventually, the river takes him a few miles down stream and once in calmer waters, he can crawl ashore.

The mum also experiences these little critters and blasts them until she runs out of ammo. Her and the kids pick up pace until they eventually stumble upon some survivors. She reluctantly approaches, but out of desperation and exhaustion, agrees to join them. They feed them, take care of the mum’s foot, pull a splinter from the daughter’s hand. They are being really kind and hospitable. Around the campfire, they share their stories and experiences. They discuss theories and talk about the little critters.

“I think they can sense our vibration. That’s why we’re safe in thesr mountains. It’s solid rock here.”

There is one guy at camp who is eyeing Emily. He is really warm and takes care of her and her kids. He expresses romantic interest in her, and although she just lost her husband, she’s in survival mode and recognizes that moving on and having another partner is best for her and her kids. So she’s open to it.

Cut to John, he’s soaked and looks miserable as all hell, but finds his way to another abandoned farm house. After a quick search, he discovers a motorcycle in the garage. He stays at the house, gets cleaned up, checks his leg, and gets some food in his stomach. His leg looks like shit and he decides to stay at the house for a few days and rest up. When he eventually leaves, he takes the bike and starts cruising toward the mountains. Based on a map he discovered at the house, there should be a small town a few kilometers away.

As he’s ride, more of these creatures begin to hatch, emerging from the ground and chasing him. They are everywhere and it seems like the bike cannot move fast enough. He’s riding along and eventually hits a concrete highway. Once on the road, the critters stop chasing him. He figures it must be the vibrations that are causing them to know his location. Now that he’s on the highway, he can travel without detection and allow his leg to get some rest.

He rides until the sun is about to set. In the distance he sees some smoke from a small fire. He heads in that direction, and when he arrives, he finds his wife and kids with another man. He calls out to them and they completely lose it. They are so overjoyed, they’re crying, and hug him. It’s a really wonderful moment. The new guy introduces himself as well as the others. John doesn’t really trust them and convinces the family to leave in the morning.

“How do we defeat these things?” the mum asks.

“I have a plan.”


Act Three

With the family together again, they go to the town and maybe I would introduce another flashback here to foreshadow what’s about to come. I would show what he did as a profession in his previous life. Whatever that profession was, such as a seismologist or a mechanic or something, he basically needs to use those skills to lure the creatures into one spot, have a large machine vibrate and draw them all out where he can torch them.

It seems to be going well, but some of the critters are getting big and they are too much to take on. They abandon their place and move to plan B. In a harrowing race, they make it to a dock where there’s a boat. The creatures are nipping at their feet and in the nick of time, the last member of the family dives into the boat and they are safe. As they are drifting out to sea, they look back and see the critters at the edge of the water.

In the final scene of the movie, the family is together, safe, and happy. Then, they hear a rumble and the clouds part. Above them is a giant alien craft that flies overhead and then cut to black. Credits.

So the implication here is that there is an advanced alien race wanting to inhabit Earth. They sent these beasts down to wipe out all living things. Now that nearly all the humans are dead, they can move in. If you really want to get crazy, you could do a third installment of this franchise and turn it into a trilogy, although I would just leave it at two movies. But what do I know?

So there it is, there’s my pitch for A Quieter Place — A Quiet Place sequel staring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Let me know if the comments below if you like my pitch of if you have any ideas for how to make it better, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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