How to Edit your Vlog with Adobe Premiere Pro

Edward Mullen vlog

Vlogs are all the rage these days — whether you’re shooting day in the life videos, product reviews, unboxing, mukbangs, or some other kind of video, you’ll need some way to edit your footage and get it out to the public. While filming is fairly straight forward, most people walk around with a recording device in their pocket, for many editing remains a mystery. Learning complicated editing software isn’t easy, and there are so many to choose from.

In this post, I’ll show you some basic features in Adobe Premiere Pro, which you can purchase on a monthly or yearly subscription service for as little as 19.99 USD.


  1. Project bin — this is where you put the clips (videos, photos, audio) … you want to use in your project
  2. Source window — this is where you can preview and edit your clips
  3. Program window — this is where you get to preview what your project looks like
  4. Effects bin — this is where you can modify your clips with different effects
  5. Video sequence — this is where you can build your project out of the various clips

Project Bin

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Source Window

How it works

Double click a clip from the Project Bin and it will be displayed in the source window. You can use the marker to scrub through the video and find the spots you want add into your sequence. Isolate it by adding start and end makers. Once your video part is isolated, drag the video only icon into the position you want on your sequence.
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Video Sequence

You can add titles within Premier Pro, but a better selection can be found in After Effects. Download After Effects and Bridge.

  1. File
  2. Adobe Dynamic Link
  3. New After Effects Composition
  4. When After Effects launches, save as Title and Location
  5. On Right hand side, go to Effects > Presets

  1. Choose Animation Presets > Text Presets
  2. Choose Animate In
  3. Choose Browse presets [ = ] icon

  1. This opens Bridge > allows you to preview all the presets
  2. Choose the one you want à double click
  3. Scrub over slider to see sample text
  4. Double click text to change it
  5. Highlight text à modify it the way you want
  6. Save project
  7. Go into Premiere Pro and see it in your source bin
  8. Drag into timeline where desired

NOTE: To Edit Text, right click on the text within the sequence and select ‘Edit Original’:

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Adding a Premiere Title

  1. Go to File
  2. New
  3. Title
  4. Enter title
  5. Modify it accordingly
  6. To save, simply close the window, it’ll auto save in the project bin

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There are other transitions other than crossfade.

  1. Go to Effects tab in the bottom left corner. If it’s not there, go to Windows à Effects
  2. Video Transitions
  3. Dissolve
  4. Cross dissolve
  5. Drag and drop

Shortcut – Ctrl D. Select the clip edge so that you get this red marker, then press Ctrl D.

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Scale Images to Fit

Sometimes when you import an image, it is way too big and it looks zoomed in. What you need to do is go to:

  1. Edit
  2. Preferences
  3. General
  4. Select ‘Default scale to frame size’

NOTE: For clips already in sequence, right click and select fit to scale.
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  1. File
  2. Export
  3. Media
  4. AVC – Intra 100 1080i
  5. Format H.264
  6. 1920 x 1080
  7. Frame rate (make sure same throughout)

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Adding Zoom in / Zoom out Effect on Photos

  1. Select a photo
  2. Click on Effect controls
  3. Select Scale and ensure you click the stop watch icon, which effects scale over time. By default, each clip is 5 seconds
  4. Change scale from the beginning, then move the scrubber to the end and change scale again. This is what will happen over time
  5. Change position if necessary. This does not affect animation

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Layering a Smaller Video

  1. Upload video
  2. Add video to sequence
  3. Select video
  4. Go to Effects
  5. Set positioning and scale

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How to Speed up a Video

  1. Select the rate stretch tool
  2. Select the clip in the sequence
  3. Stretch or compress the clip
  4. If you want your video to be twice as fast, compress it by half

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How to Crop a Video

  1. Go to Effects > Video Effects > Transform > Crop
  2. Drag and drop crop onto the clip you want to crop

  1. Use the Left, Top, Right, Bottom to adjust the black borders
  2. Use Position to re-centre the now-cropped frame

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How to Change Position Over Time

  1. Select the Position stop watch icon
  2. Use the scrub to begin at a certain point in the clip
  3. Add marker
  4. Set position
  5. Use the scrub to end at a certain point in the clip
  6. Add marker
  7. Set position

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Razor Tool

  1. The Razor tool allows you to slice up a clip in the sequence for editing purposes

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Ripple Delete

Ripple Delete is where you edit a video (say, make it shorter) and then there’s a gap left over. Ripple delete allows you to close the gap.

  1. Right click on the gap and select Ripple Delete

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Zoom In and Out of Sequence

  1. Hold Alt and scroll with mouse

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How to Add a Different Colour Background

  1. File
  2. New
  3. Colour Matte
  4. Put at base layer
  5. May need to crop top layer videos

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How to Crop

  1. Effects tab in bottom left corner
  2. Either type in ‘crop’ or go to Video Effect > Transform > Crop
  3. Drag and drop onto clip
  4. Then go to Effect Control
  5. Crop accordingly

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How to Adjust Volume on a Clip

  1. Place clip in timeline
  2. Right click on clip
  3. Select Audio Gain

  1. Change ‘Select to Gain’ level

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How to Copy and Paste

  1. Select one or more clips in the sequence
  2. Choose Edit > Copy
  3. In the Timeline panel, position the playhead at the point in the sequence where you want to paste a copy of the clips
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To overwrite the pasted clips, choose Edit > Paste
    • To insert the pasted clips, choose Edit > Paste Insert

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Exporting Hi-Res

  1. Export > Media
  2. Change form H.264
  3. Change Preset to YouTube 1080p Full HD
  4. To change name, double click Output Name

exporting adobe premiere pro
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One thought on “How to Edit your Vlog with Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. ihya says:

    What a neat and complete tutorial! Great!
    Just a suggestion, I think you should go more in-depth on the exporting part, since it is very crucial to the quality of the video in Youtube or similiar online service.

    Sorry for my english. Hi from Indonesia!


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