Double or Triple the Lifespan of Dogs

dog food agingBurt Ward RobinOn episode 74 of Kevin Smith’s ‘Fatman on Batman’ podcast, he interviewed the original boy wonder himself – Burt Ward. You may remember Burt as Robin in the 1966 Batman TV show. Near the end of the podcast, Burt made a remarkable claim, which I have done nothing to verify. However, taking him on his word alone, I thought it was fascinating that he had found a way to double or triple the lifespan of dogs.

In a somewhat conspiracy theory narrative, Burt Ward explained that traditional dog food is the leading cause of premature death in dogs. He states:

Double or Triple the Lifespan of Dogs - Microsoft Word_2014-11-10_08-00-08“Large breads live 7-9 years. Right now, I have twenty-two dogs between 14-25, and they’re running around like puppies.”

“We first found a way by feeding them differently. Most people feed their dogs differently than we do, they put the bowl on the ground – you should never do that. You should elevate the bowl.

“Most people feed their dogs once or twice a day – you can’t do that because their bodies are not designed [for that]. We feed them five, or more, times a day… All of these things put together added three or four years to their lives.”

“…Dog food companies know something the average person doesn’t know, which is the more fat they put in dog food, the hungrier it makes dogs. This is all about money… so they [dog food companies] add a lot of fat to the food to make the dog hungrier, to make you feed more to your dog, to make you buy more dog food.

Double or Triple the Lifespan of Dogs - Microsoft Word_2014-11-10_07-58-45

“But there is something much worse. There’s something that is prematurely killing dogs in America, and that is dogs have an amazing ability to smell, they smell the high-fat content and they don’t like the smell, they don’t like the taste. So the way manufacturers get dogs… to eat their food… they spray it with lard. That lard is grease. That lard accumulates in dogs’ bodies, and it restricts the nutrients going through the body. And if you know anything about the ageing process, every day our cells die and they’re replaced, but if you slow down the replacement of the cells, you actually increase the speed of the ageing.


“So we went out and spent a lot of money, 2.9 million dollars, to develop a food that – we didn’t add any fat, we just took human food and made it into dog food – low fat, dry on the outside, because we didn’t have to coat it with anything. And now, when dogs eat our food, and it goes into their intestines, that dryness absorbs the fat that has been built up over the years of eating other foods, and when they go to the bathroom, it takes it out of their body.

Double or Triple the Lifespan of Dogs - Microsoft Word_2014-11-10_08-00-45

“In four to six weeks, you won’t recognize your dog.”

“We don’t sell it in pet food stores because they want to charge $85 dollars a bag. We went to grocery stores… and we sell our food at cost. You can get a 33 pound bag for 33 dollars. And your dog can live 25 years like our dogs are living.” 

You can listen to the part of the podcast where Burt talks about this. He used a lot of loaded language to lead the listener to draw a certain conclusion, but I tried to omit most of that stuff and just leave the objective claims. His website is, which I am not affiliated with, nor have I verified his claims. But if you want to check it out you can.

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