The Invisible Bike Helmet

invis-485x277No, this is not a joke! Another ‘What-will-they-think-of-next-moment’ hit the web this week when a Swedish company, Hövding, released a video of their new product—the invisible bike helmet.

Eight years ago, two Swedish women, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, set out to solve some problems with traditional bike helmets. As they saw it, the problems were that many cyclists refused to wear bike helmets because they are unattractive and wreak havoc on styled hair.

What started as a project for their master thesis in 2005, turned out to be an innovative solution that defied convention. The invisible bike helmet is not only revolutionary in terms of design and function, but it may also save more lives than standard bike helmets since more people may be willing to wear them. Every year, thousands of cyclists die, or are seriously injured, as a result of being struck by motorists. The women are convinced that “adult cyclists would voluntarily start protecting their heads on the roads without the law ordering them to do so.”

helmie-485x323They have received 10 million dollars to develop their concept. Some concerns at this stage have been raised from the lofty €399 Euro price tag to having an annoying apparatus wrapped around your neck on a hot summer’s day. On the plus side, with the invisible bike Helmet, cyclists’ hair is now free to blow in the wind.

Article by Edward Mullen

Author of The Art of the Hustle and Destiny and Free Will

Host of The Edward Mullen Podcast

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