Who Would You Cast in the Upcoming Justice League Movie?

Recently, Warner Bros announced their plans to release a Justice League movie—slated for June 2015—creating a lot of speculation as to who will be cast. Since I am a fan, I wanted to join in the speculative fun and proclaim my picks.

Superman – Henry Cavill


I remember watching the movie Immortals a few years ago and seeing Henry Cavill slaying evil. I had no idea who he was, but throughout the whole movie I kept thinking, He would make a great Superman! Obviously, I wasn’t the only person who thought that as he was later cast as the last son of Krypton. Without seeing the new Superman movie yet, it may be a bit premature to cast Henry Cavill in the new franchise, but I have no doubts that he can pull it off.





Batman – Matt Bomer


Casting the role of Batman was difficult for me because I was looking for an actor to be around 35-years-old, they needed to look badass in a cowl, and they needed the acting chops to pull off a dark and gritty Batman as well as the philanthropic billionaire Bruce Wayne. For me, Matt Bomer fits that bill.

In addition, it was reported that Matt lost the role as Clark Kent because he is gay. I think it would be sweet justice to have him play the dark knight.



Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds


I like Ryan Reynolds for this role since he already played Green Lantern and he brings a lot of star power.




Wonder Woman – Gina Carano


Gina Carano is a former MMA champion turned actress and is an overall badass in all her roles. She has the look and the pedigree to fill Wonder Women’s boots.







Flash – Joel Kinnaman


Joel Kinnaman may not be a big name now, but after landing the role in the new Robocop reboot, I think his star power will climb.





Green Arrow – Justin Hartley


As mentioned before, I am a firm believer in keeping the continuity of characters. Yes, there is a new Green Arrow TV show, but Justin Hartley will always be Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen to me.







Shazam – Jake Gyllenhaal


Shazam is such a powerful character that it would make a lot of sense to build him into a franchisable character a la Ironman or Thor. As such, the actor would need to be someone who could carry a franchise. I think Jake Gyllenhaal has the credentials to pull it off.





Hawkman – Channing Tatum

still-of-channing-tatum-in-haywireChanning Tatum is a handsome yet rugged actor capable of bringing a comedic element to the role of Hawkman.





Aquaman – Adrian Grenier


Let’s face it, casting Adrian Grenier as Aquaman would be hilarious! I’m all for a little hilarity. If you don’t get the reference, Adrian’s character Vince was cast as Aquaman in the show Entourage.





Martian Manhunter – Tyrese Gibson


As one of the core members of the JLA, Martian Manhunter should be played by Tyrese Gibson. Not only does Tyrese have the superhero build, but he is also a really powerful actor.

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